RASAC Snapshot

Working with the community

Community-ngka Tjungu Wakaringanyi

Mission Statement

Build better communities by providing local services, sustainable employment and training for Anangu people in the APY Lands

RASAC is a not-for-profit Aboriginal Corporation with over 30 years of experience in remote service delivery on the APY lands. RASAC is owned and governed by the Anangu people of the APY Lands.

RASAC is the biggest employer on the APY Lands, creating real jobs within local communities.

Key points about RASAC include:

  • Anangu owned and governed
  • Biggest employer of Anangu across APY Lands
  • Major works depot and mechanical workshop at Umuwa
  • 7 community depots
  • Administration office in Alice Springs
  • Annual turnover in the range of $10M per annum
  • Strong financial asset base
  • Strong corporate responsibility program for APY Lands communities
  • ABN: 15 470 441 855
  • AICN: 1902


RASAC Services

The key services delivered by RASAC are:

  • Accommodation (rental)
  • Aerodromes
  • Building repairs and maintenance
  • Civil plant hire
  • Civil works
  • Community patrols
  • Community development program
  • Fuel supplies
  • Homeland essential services
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Municipal services (MUNS)



APY Lands Service Delivery

RASAC operates across all the communities of the APY Lands.

RASAC’s priority is to seek contracts to deliver services and projects for APY Lands communities, creating sustainable employment opportunities for Anangu people.

Our current major contracts are for delivery of Commonwealth and South Australian State Government services to around 3,000 people on the APY Lands in the far north-west of South Australia - an area covering approximately 100,000 km2.

For more information, see Working with APY communities 


Employment and Workforce 

RASAC has a total workforce of around 100, with the majority being local Anangu workers delivering services in their communities.

RASAC provides real jobs, training and career progression opportunities for Anangu workers.

For more information, see Employment and workforce


Remote Operations Capability 

RASAC operates in the remote, harsh and arid environment of Central Australia, working closely with local Anangu communities.

RASAC has expertise in:

  • Consultation with local Anangu communities and homeland traditional owners:
    • observance and support of local cultural practices and business
    • knowledge of sensitive cultural sites
    • employment of local Anangu workers
  • Remote logistics:
    • local management presence
    • operations depots in the 7 major communities
    • local Indigenous workforce
    • sourcing and transport of local materials
    • APY Lands based fleet of heavy plant and machinery


Aboriginal Procurement Registers

(RASAC is in the process of registering with these organisations – please wait until confirmed).

RASAC is a registered Aboriginal supplier under the following:


Corporate Responsibility Program

School Award

RASAC has a strong commitment to supporting local Anangu people and communities including:

  • Sponsorship and support to local sporting, education and community support projects.
    • Far North-West Sports League Football and Softball
    • Softball
    • APY Lands Trade Training Centre Award – Most Outstanding Anangu Secondary School student
  • Subsidised bookkeeping services
  • Assistance with funeral arrangements and graves procedure

For more information, see Corporate Responsibility Program


Contact Us

Administration Office
2nd Floor, 19 Hartley Street
(PO Box 2584)
Alice Springs NT 0870
Ph: (08) 8950 5400
Fax: (08) 8952 6371
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Workshop Manager
(Workshop & Accommodation Enquiries)
PMB 212 via Alice Springs NT 0872
Ph: (08) 8954 8139
Fax: (08) 8954 8150
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Request for quotes
Ph: (08) 8954 8117
Fax: (08) 8954 8160
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