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Community-ngka Tjungu Wakaringanyi

Local jobs for local Anangu people is a key objective for RASAC

Local Anangu employment is a key objective for RASAC and is the largest employer of Anangu workers on the APY Lands, with around 100 Anangu workers on our books and around 70-80 active workers each fortnight.

RASAC has a long term commitment to develop and support Anangu workers to gain the skills, qualifications and experience necessary to deliver and oversee services in their own communities and to prepare them for other job opportunities in the future. For many Anangu job seekers, RASAC is their first employer, providing employees with a positive work story.

The two main areas of employment for Anangu are:

  • Municipal services, and
  • Community Patrols.

RASAC’s knowledge of the APY lands culture, families, individuals and communities is a strength that helps foster personalised and focused support for its employees.

RASAC’s is committed to:

  • working with individuals, families and communities to establish relationships and engagement with Anangu
  • seeking contracts and work in local communities to provide additional employment and skills development opportunities
  • supporting learning and employment pathways for Anangu secondary school students , through structured work experience, paid work placements and alignment of placements to achievement of South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) units.

2023 Winner Excellence in Diversity – Regional Anangu Services Aboriginal Corporation (SA Training Awards) 



RASAC incorporates accredited training for Anangu where possible to align with work requirements and improve their future employment opportunities. For example:

  • Literacy & Numeracy support is provided through TAFE SA Community Lecturers – Anangu workers attend in work time to get literacy and numeracy coaching, working with RASAC workplace forms and requirements, and WHS training presentations in Pitjantjatjara language.
  • On the Job Training for RASAC Core Business areas – engaging Anangu in a broad range of work tasks to build their foundation work skills and experience.
  • Work Health & Safety (WHS) and Community Patrol training presentations have been translated into Pitjantjatjara language with spoken word narrations to assist Anangu workers.
  • WHS risk assessments and other workplace forms have been modified using symbols and pictures to enable Anangu with low English literacy to complete their work responsibilities.
  • Provision of support staff for RASAC training – for example, providing interpreter and classroom assistance for Anangu undertaking TAFE Workshops for Certificate II in Community Services.


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